How does it work?

At Portable Smiles, our patients’ comfort is our priority.

We’ll come to you.

Our dental hygienists each carry a mobile dental ”office” in order to bring the appointment to your home.

We’ll do it your way.

Sit in a comfortable chair, wheelchair, or bed, and we will arrange our equipment around you.

Our Services

Dental Hygiene Appointments Include:

  • Oral Exam & Charting of the Teeth
  • Oral Cancer Examination
  • Scaling of all Teeth, including Topical Anesthetic as needed
  • Full & Partial Denture Cleaning
  • Polishing of the Teeth
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Customized Oral Hygiene Recommendations & Dispensing of Samples
  • Regularly Scheduled Visits for Continued Care  
  • Dentist Recommendations as Indicated
Terri Cable preparing for an in-home visit.

Terri Cable preparing for an in-home visit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your insurance & billing procedure?

Portable Smiles is a Delta Dental provider and also accepts and will submit any PPO plan. Insurance billing is provided and payments are accepted by check or credit card.

What is an RDHAP?

A Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) is a licensed registered dental hygienist with specialized training in practicing outside of the traditional dental office. These practice settings may include but are not limited to schools, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, private homes, and in some instances separate RDHAP offices. The RDHAP provides patients the same type of professional preventive care they would receive in a dental office but allows patients to receive this care conveniently. For more info, visit